Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman

Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman


<p>The best startup advice from Silicon Valley &amp; beyond. Iconic CEOs — from Nike to Netflix, Sta See More

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Even the smallest brakes. Can help refresh. And sustain you for the next big push. That's especially important when that push happens to be because of See More
1h 36m 58s @ Five ways to burnout-proof your organization


Rapid Response: "You should be running toward AI," w/Eric Schmidt (frmr Google CEO)

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116. How to take creative leaps — and land them, w/Future Shape's Tony Fadell

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Rapid Response: Playing offense in adversity, w/Target’s Brian Cornell

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47. Bill Gates: How to accelerate history (Part 1)

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Rapid Response: How to decarbonize your business, w/John Doerr, partner at Kleiner Perkins

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Five ways to burnout-proof your organization

<p>If you’re a leader right now navigating the global pandemic, supply chain disruptions, and your o See More

Rapid Response: What the crypto crash teaches us all, w/Chainalysis’s Michael Gronager

<p>Crypto winter isn’t a disaster, it's an opportunity. That’s how Michael Gronager, CEO of $8 billi See More

Need to Know, w/Reid & Bob: Business withdrawals from Russia, strife at Netflix, Musk vs Twitter, the business world’s role in democracy, Crypto’s future, & more

<p>Reid Hoffman and Bob Safian sit down to discuss how today’s hot-button stories are impacting busi See More

Rapid Response: Turning tears to action, w/Planned Parenthood’s Alexis McGill Johnson

<p>“Hope is a practice. It comes from doing.” As the head of Planned Parenthood, Alexis McGill Johns See More

115. Drive full-speed at opportunity, w/AKQA’s Ajaz Ahmed

<p>If you want to capitalize on an opportunity that you think could change the world, you need to dr See More